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Blue Pearl Eco Adventure

Who are Blue Pearl Eco Adventure?


Blue Pearl Eco Adventure is the largest company of its kind in Qatar providing multi day outdoor adventure and educational residential trips for students aged 8-18 years.

Our goal is to get the students out of the classroom and into the environment they live in and to actively experience and learn about this beautiful country firsthand. We have been operating since September 2015 and have had over 500 students participate in our Open Sky Schooling Program in the first academic term.

Currently we operate 3 permanent locations throughout Qatar with plans to develop 3 more sites by the start of the new academic term 2016-2017, we also utilise several secondary sites throughout the country.

Our focuses are safety, environmental and cultural awareness, adventure, learning, and of course fun! The staff we have on hand are highly trained and qualifed and possess extensive knowledge about Qatar in a variety of specialised fields. This combined with having two divisions, “Outdoor Adventure” and Field Studies”, ensures that we will provide the most comprehensive programs possible to the greatest number of students and schools.

Why Outdoor Education?

Most schools today now see residential trips as an important part of a student’s development as it provides the opportunity for “Experiential Learning”,or learning from experience. The medium of Outdoor Education allows students to take advantage of the following benefits:

1) Development of communication, problem solving and decision making skills.

2) Opportunities for personal and social development and awareness.

3) Alternatives, non competitive avenues for achievement.

4) Encourages young people to take greater responsibility for their own learning.

5) Provides opportunity to work cooperatively and effectively in teams.

6) Provides a safe and controlled environment for young people to face challenges and overcome fears, improving confidence.

7) Contributes greatly to health and  tness, and encourages the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle into middle age and beyond.

8) Stimulates and reinforces learning across many areas of the curriculum.

9) Develops skills for life and the world of work.

For more details on the Open Sky Schooling program from Blue Pearl Eco Adventure please get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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